Starting school

Gosnells Primary School is committed to excellence and equity in education for every child who attends. The early years of a child’s life are critically important to their future educational success.
We want every young child to have the best start to school.

While Kindergarten in Western Australia is not compulsory, most children attend because parents understand that it helps give their children the best start to school.

Children can start Kindergarten when turning four years old by 30 June of the year they attend.

Kindergarten is the beginning of children’s journey through school where they learn important early numeracy, literacy and social skills.

To work out when your child should start Kindergarten, use the table below or follow the link to the School-Age calculator.


Link to School-age Calculator –

For more information about what to expect when your child starts school, download this helpful booklet.

At Gosnells Primary School we currently run 2 Kindy groups. The Blue Kindy group attend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in odd school weeks. The Yellow Kindy Group attend Wednesday on the even school weeks, Thursday and Friday.

Hello school!

start-schoolKindergarten to Year 1: Hello school
Hello school!: For parents/carers of children in Kindergarten to Year 1.


For more information:

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