Performing Arts

After 27 years of Instrumental Music at Gosnells Primary School under the guidance of Mr Mike Leadabrand, Mrs Tracey Rick is now instructing the students in our school across a broad range of ‘Performing Arts’.

Mrs Rick’s Philosophy is to nurture and model an appreciation and love for the performing arts that stays with Gosnells Primary School students into adulthood as well as providing a variety of opportunities and experiences to understand the world around them by providing a safe and comfortable environment that encourages all children to ‘have a go’ and base all activities on participation rather than ability.

Mrs Rick’s Purpose is:

To consistently provide opportunities to develop and showcase the Performing Arts at classroom, whole school and community levels.

To provide a variety of experiences in dance, drama, media and music which encourage the development and exploration of the right brain (creative and critical thinkers) and provides opportunities for children to learn using the multiple intelligence framework.

To provide for aesthetic response through appreciating, creating, performing and reflecting.

To develop an understanding of the place of the performance arts in human experience, past and present and develop a repertoire of songs and music from their own and other cultures.

To create a desire (passion) and ability for continued activity and growth in the performance arts.

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