Opera Snapshots!

On Tuesday our students were treated to a performance from the West Australian Opera entitled “Opera Snapshots”, a fun, chronological introduction into the world of opera.  The show covered many areas from Opera’s through history, most of which had a subtle twist that made them very entertaining, even to those in the audience who had never experienced the operatic art form before.   All students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 learnt that opera can best be defined as storytelling through song, with many children having opportunities to join the professionals on stage, whether it be as a bull in a bull fight or leading our very own operatic choir in the conductor’s “magic jacket”.We are extremely thankful to Terasa and the team from West Australian Opera and most importantly Healthways whose Smarter than Smoking message brought the performance to Gosnells at no cost to our students.If your child enjoyed “Opera Snapshots”, why not give some thought to attending the West Australian Opera’s free summertime full length opera – Opera in the Park! IMG_3916 IMG_3932
IMG_3935 IMG_3923

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