Paint Storm!

On Wednesday the 23rd of October the Pre-Primary to Year 6 students got to experience the incursion of “Paint Storm” by Phil Doncon. The show helps build an appreciation for diverse genres of music from classical to heavy rock as well as introducing different styles of art to the audience.  The stories Phil tells are designed to support students in building skills towards greater resiliency as well as mitigating the effects of bullying. Phil paints to the music and to match the story he is telling. Paintings might start out as a robot and then he uses his skill to change it to a school with a beautiful garden. His humorous performance skills keep the students engaged and he also has them up painting and dancing.The PP-3 show was about Phil as a child overcoming difficult situations and being able to bounce back with the help of resilience. He had to be assertive by being strong and kind to stop people walking through the new school garden he just planted. He had deal with teasing from his brother and friends by using the strategy ‘stop, walk away and deep breaths’. He also had to learn to not give up on tennis because he wasn’t great at it straight away but to take time and practice to improve his skills.In the Year 4- 6 show Phil told an exaggerated story of his life experiences using humour and paintings to provide students with skills and ideas to help overcome problems such as bullying, making friends, coping with failure and controlling emotions by taking positive steps. One of his characters, ‘Ice-Man’ taught students to stop, walk away, breathe and think before deciding the best course of action to take.The students were engaged and enthusiastic during the 90 minute sessions and some even had the opportunity to paint their ‘feelings’ during the show. Many students also joined in during the dance session at the end. Phil’s acrobatics amazed the students and he even left us with a painting of ‘Ice-Man’ to remember his visit and life skills to build resilience.“It was funny. He had a good message for if you are annoyed or upset which is to do something and calm yourself down.” – Yr 5 student  IMG_3932 (Medium)IMG_3931 (Medium)
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