Marble Ramps!

File 1-11-2015 4 15 08 pm Room 11 designed and made marble ramps for a Maths Investigation. The students could work independently or in a small group. They were able to make their marble ramp out of lego or box construction. When completed, each marble ramp was explained and demonstrated to the students in Room 12. Next week the challenge is to make a marble ramp out of four cardboard tubes, sticky tape/masking tape and carboard/paper AND try to get your marble to go the longest distance when it comes out of the ramp! File 1-11-2015 4 19 16 pm
 File 1-11-2015 4 26 06 pm  File 1-11-2015 4 22 26 pm  File 1-11-2015 4 11 41 pm

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