Scitech Adventures!

How lucky we were to be invited by Scitech to attend a free session at their amazing complex! So, loaded with gratitude, morning teas and parent helpers, rooms 4, 11 and 14 set off for a day of adventure in science.Our first session was inside the Plantatarium where the visual effects were so stunning and life-like that there were squeals of delighted terror when it seemed we were destined to crash into planet Earth! It was here that we learnt about the seasonal changes that Earth goes through and how these are brought about.

After a morning tea break, we moved into the general exhibits area where each group engaged with the various stations. Laughter and learning was mixed together in a most productive way, as you can witness through the photos.

Our sincere thanks to Scitech for this opportunity.

PS: Our bragging rights remain intact as our school students behaved themselves in a way that made the teachers beam with pride…oh, and our parent helpers aren’t bad, either!

IMG_1465 (Medium)
IMG_1468 (Medium)
IMG_1529 (Medium)

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