A night to remember!

After a long and distinguished recorder ensemble programme at our school, we embarked on a new journey in 2016. With an integrated Performing Arts direction our students are having a ball leaping out of their comfort zones!

Our WAGSMS performance, “Spice Up Your Life” reflects and celebrates the cultural diversity of the school. Children from over forty five countries attend Gosnells Primary School and the performance captures the harmony and community spirit which ties the school together. Students from years 5 and 6 showed off their drumming rhythms on the African Djembe drums, recreated the energy and sparkle of a South American Carnivale and danced up a Bollywood storm. The performance ended with a nod to the 2016 Rio Olympic games.

The children also added a blast from the past at the beginning of the item as they acknowledge the Anglo influences on our cultural palate.

Performing arts teacher Mrs Tracey Rick would like to thank the mums and nanas who gave of their time and skill at the weekly busy bees to create the wonderful costumes and props. Every child, even the backstage kids felt special wearing these costumes and are standing 10 feet taller with their new found confidence. You have made them all feel very loved!

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