Year 4 Earth & Space Sciences

Using the book The Rock Cycle, year 4s are investigating each type of rock formation: igneous rock, sand and sediments, sedimentary rock and metamorphic rock.

The first stop for us is looking at sedimentary rock: stalagmite and stalactite rock formation.

In our session we have asked these questions

  1. What process is involved in the formation of stalagmites and stalactites?
  2. Why do these rocks often form in pairs?
  3. What makes up the sediment in stalagmites and stalactites?

The sample below is from week 1. Here we can see the saturated solution of Epson salts and water. Along the string (which serves as the cave ceiling), we can see just the beginnings of stalactite formation as the water evaporates away, leaving the crystalized solid to build up into a sedimentary rock.

img_0994 img_0995


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