Year 5/6s head to prison!

Fremantle Prison

Yesterday we went to Fremantle Prison. Our tour guide, Moira, was cool and funny. Moondyne Joe was a famous prisoner because he escaped many times. The last time he could have stayed free for ever but they accidently found him in a wine cellar. After we learnt about Moondyne Joe we saw his cell; it was really dark. We got to see the shower room and the clothes room. Then we got to see the triangle where Ngadang was flogged by the cat-o-nine tails because he was a bad, bad boy. Some of the cells were nicer because they had a TV and a bigger space. They also had a desk and their chairs were good too. After we had toured Fremantle Prison we had a lunch break at the park, then we went to the Roundhouse in Fremantle. The trial was number 2.4.1834 and the crime was breaking into a house and larceny therein at Fremantle. The sentence was transportation beyond the seas.

By Georgia B


Fremantle Prison and Roundhouse

On the 3rd November rooms 1, 2 and 8 went to the one and only Fremantle Prison and the Roundhouse. When we arrived at the prison, our tour guide, Moira, lead us through the prison and talked about all the history. She made us march to the escape yard like actual prisoners. Moira told us about, and showed us Moondyne Joe’s cell. It was very interesting as we had learnt about him at school. She showed us all around the prison and we even got to be locked in a dark, punishment cell. In the church we were taught more about the prison and prisoners. The prisoners only got a hammock, bucket and a bible in their tiny cell. I thought the visit was awesome and fun.

Next we went to the Roundhouse. I got to shoot the cannon and it was really loud (it made my ears ring). When we inside the Roundhouse we learnt about the history of it. There was a stock that was used to embarrass the convicts.

I had a really good day.

Paige A




Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison was such a crime zone;

It used to be full of criminals.

We learnt about Moondyne Joe;

Who made it his mission to escape from prison.

We saw his dark, creepy cell;

Full of studs so he couldn’t rest his head.

Pests were bred in the cracks;

Prisoners earned money for catching rats.

A creepy triangle was where you were flogged;

A cat-o-nine tails whipped your back.

Stocks were used to humiliate prisoners;

We saw this at the Round house.

By Zainab K




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