Crown Theatre

On Monday the 21th of August the Gosnells Primary School Senior Choir attended and performed in a concert showcasing the West Australian government school and their musical talents at the Crown Theatre.  50 of our talented Year 5 and 6 students spent a term and a half of choir sessions, recess, and lunch time rehearsals, as well as rigorously practicing at home to rehearsal tracks Miss Johnson provided on YouTube to produce our own mini performance of ‘Matilda the Musical’.  Using sections of ‘When I Grow Up’, ‘Naughty’, and ‘Revolting Children’ surrounded by self-devised dialogue, staging and choreography we tied these songs together with our own Matilda inspired narrative.

Our students did an incredible performance to the large audience, getting to experience performing in a prime professional venue and then watch all the other schools and their hard work in an amazing night at the theatre.



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