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Crown Theatre

On Monday the 21th of August the Gosnells Primary School Senior Choir attended and performed in a concert showcasing the West Australian government school and their musical talents at the Crown Theatre.  50 of our talented Year 5 and 6 students spent a term and a half of choir sessions, recess, and lunch time rehearsals, as well as rigorously practicing at home to rehearsal tracks Miss Johnson provided on YouTube to produce our own mini performance of ‘Matilda the Musical’.  Using sections of ‘When I Grow Up’, ‘Naughty’, and ‘Revolting Children’ surrounded by self-devised dialogue, staging and choreography we tied these songs together with our own Matilda inspired narrative.

Our students did an incredible performance to the large audience, getting to experience performing in a prime professional venue and then watch all the other schools and their hard work in an amazing night at the theatre.



Be U-nique

What an amazing day it was indeed!! Lots of amazing personalities shinning through. Congratulations to all our winners and participants!!

A massive THANK YOU to Lazer Blaze from all the students at Gosnells Primary School for sponsoring the three major prizes.

Celebrating Gosnells

Mrs Rick has been busily organising an exciting new format for our Celebrating Gosnells assembly. This year we will start the morning with a formal assembly to present the class book awards (8:45-9:30). Following this, students will join their family for a picnic morning tea (9:30-10). To finish off our celebration, students lead by Mrs Rick will be presenting the “GPS Street Party” (10:20-11:30) after a long term of preparations and practise!

We really hope our whole school community can join us in this celebration as we welcome in the holiday period. celebrating-gosnells-flier

Walk Safely to School Day

WSTSD_LOGO_10cm Our school is participating in the National Walk Safely to School Day on Friday 20th May 2016. All children are encourage to walk to school on this day. If you live to far away consider parking the car a few blocks away from school and walk the rest of the way.

Regular exercise like walking with your child not only helps them (and you!) beat chronic problems like obesity, heart disease, behavioral and mental health issues and diabetes. It also gives you a great opportunity to teach your child safe ways to behave around roads and traffic.

There will be a special breakfast for those who walk to school on Friday 20th May from 8.00 to 8.30am Remember. Active Kids are Healthy Kids so get planning your own Walk Safely Day journey for Friday 20th May 2016.

Councillors & Captains

Congratulations to our 2016 Student Councillors and Faction Captions who were announced at the ‘Celebrating Gosnells’ final assembly.


Head Boy

Head Girl


 John Medrano  Asha Francis Praise Kovah
Isabel Lally-Barnard
Reece Law
Jessica Tillman



Apollo Centaur Pegasus Thor
Ben Edgelow
Laralea Bergmans
Phedra Ah San
Thomas McKiddie
Christelle Asosa
Neshaun Treffery-Koenders
Annastacia Sampson
Fynn Richardson



Healthy Lunches Workshop!

Are you struggling to provide your child with a healthy lunchbox that they will eat? Are you confused about the foods you should be including in your child’s lunchbox to give them the best nutrition possible?
Lunch is one of the most important meals in your child’s diet, and so should be one of the most nutrient dense meals that they consume.  If inadequate food is consumed at lunch time, your child will not have enough energy to explore, discover and learn as they should.
In colloboration with the Child and Parent Centre: Gosnells and Nutrition Force, we are offering 2 healthy lunchbox workshops to teach parents about the recommended children’s dietary guidelines, the importance of good nutrition and food variety. You’ll also learn about portion size and how to make the right choices when choosing lunchbox fillers at the supermarket. These workshops give parents the strategies, knowledge and confidence to prepare healthier lunchboxes for your children.
BOOK IN NOW to a workshop on either Tuesday 10th or Thursday 12th, both from 9-11am. Morning Tea will be provided.

Multicultural Morning Tea!

Min gala bar…Welcome… Ahlan wa sahlan… Swagat… Huan ying… Ji aya nu… Karibu… Mabuhay… Yin-dee-ton-rub…

Parents of our multicultural children are invited to morning tea in the library after assembly on Friday 23rd of October. Come along to:

  • learn about the Letters and Sounds Phonics programme and how it works from Ms Fiorentino
  • hear how you can be more involved with your school from the P&C president, Mrs Schokker
  • find out about what you can do to help your bilingual child as they learn English from Miss Murray
  • share a “cuppa” and some “finger food” from around the world

Click on the photo to enlarge for more details!

EALD Morning Tea

Athletics Carnival Approaching!

Mr De Antoni and a small band of very helpful parents oversaw the first 19 events of our Faction Carnival on Monday. While the weather was a little chilly at times, we were able to get through the scheduled events before any rain arrived, with Pegasus opening up a handy points advantage from Centaur, Apollo and Thor going into our main day of competition this Friday 18 September. With the loss of our Year 7 students to high school, the main carnival will run slightly differently this year. Students in Years 1 – 3 will be competing in their events from 9am up until Recess, with our Year 4 – 6 students coming out for their events after recess. Students in Year 1 – 3 will return to their classrooms with their teachers after recess and re-join the seniors for presentations around 2.30pm. The decision to separate the two groups of students has been made to increase participation and reduce the amount of time children spend unoccupied in the bays. Students will remain under the supervision of school staff throughout the day and will not be “signed out” of school unless they are leaving the school grounds under direct parental supervision.

As the weather is forecast to be a warm one, please remember to supply your child with a sun-safe hat, bottle of water and suncream.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Faction Carnival Date Change!

Unfortunately, due to circumstances largely outside our own control, it has been necessary to now move the Sports Carnival back to its original dates of Monday 14 September for Jumps and Throws and Friday 18 September for the main carnival events. In apologising to parents for the change in arrangements, I can assure you it is an unavoidable change and one made in the very best interest of all the children involved.