Principal’s Message

Welcome to our School.  Being Principal at Gosnells Primary School is a privilege and every day brings with it new challenges and rewards.

Gosnells Primary is over 110 years old and steeped in tradition.  Despite this, we are always looking towards the future.  We welcome your association with our school and look forward to working together to make these early years of education a rewarding experience for you and your child.

My thoughts on…Our School…  You can learn a lot about a place by simply walking around and observing.  Our school has a warm, genuine and happy feel.  This creates a sense of belonging for everyone.  Take some time to look at the photos on the wall and you will very quickly understand what makes Gosnells such a special place for your child to attend primary school.

Our Students…  Each day I am greeted with happy, engaged students who are involved in purposeful learning.  Our students are proud to say they are from Gosnells Primary and we are proud of everything they bring to our school.  Whether it be the contribution they make to the choir or interschool sporting teams, the fantastic artwork they produce, their confidence to speak in front of a large audience or the support they provide their friends in times of need – I am proud of each and every one of them.

Our Staff…  Our specialised team of teachers and education assistants provide innovative and engaging classes for our children’s first introduction to education.  Staff at Gosnells bring a strong commitment towards whole school approaches to numeracy and literacy, as well as early intervention programs and a focus on supporting students with additional learning needs as well as those demonstrating significant academic talent.  If you are looking for a partnership with an Independent Public School that delivers a unique and stimulating educational environment, where staff, students and parents all work together to nurture and encourage children to reach their full potential, then we believe Gosnells Primary is the place for your family.

As you read through this website you will get a feel for the vibrancy and strength of our school.  Information Booklets provide an overview of our school’s operations and this information is supplemented each fortnight via our School Newsletter.

Lauren Hook