Performing Arts

Gosnells Primary School has a long history of Instrumental Music learning and performance.  Since 2016 Gosnells Primary School has been moving towards a broader study of Performing Arts, now under the tuition of Miss Grace Johnson students are exposed to each of the Dance, Drama and Music curriculums.

Miss Johnson is passionate about the benefits of the performing arts for physical, emotional and social development, and the way it provides a way to access, engage with and articulate the human experience in the world around us.  This program encourages students to think, feel and express themselves as creative and critical thinkers in a safe space, as well as develop and hone performance and theory skills to promote success in future studies of Dance, Drama and/or Music.

Miss Johnson and Gosnells Primary school believe an education that is rich in the arts maximises opportunities for learners to engage with, and become, innovative thinkers and leaders.  This education is vital to students’ success as individuals and as members of society, emphasising not only creativity and imagination, but also the values of cultural understanding and social harmony (National Education and the Arts Statement, 2007).