School Hours

Parents/carers are requested to ensure that children do not arrive at school before 8:15am.

The gates on May Street and Clara Street are opened at 8:15am for drop off and locked at 8:35am.  The gates are opened again at 2:40pm where your children will meet you for collection.

There is no supervision of children before 8:15am and the school cannot accept responsibility for children delivered to school before this time.

All children should be at school before the 8:30am siren.  Children arriving after 8:40am are recorded as being late and require a Late Pass from the front office.

Schoolhours-2 Schoolhours-3
Learning Time: 8:30-10:40
Recess: 10:40-11:00
Learning time: 11:00-1:00
Lunch: 1:00 – 1:40
Learning time: 1:40-2:40