Student Leadership

Gosnells Primary School student leaders fulfil an important function in the school.  Their everyday responsibilities include ensuring that recycling bins are maintained and emptied and they put up our flags every day.  They assist with preparation and set up of our fortnightly assemblies, they greet and welcome special visitors to the school and regularly assist teachers and younger students with activities from reading to games in the playground.

The Student leaders consist of some of our most responsible students, who act as behaviour role models and in a leadership role for the rest of the school.  Every year prospective leaders are nominated from our Grade 5 student cohort and must present speeches to the school outlining why they are suitable candidates for the role.  Following their presentations, students and teachers are then asked to vote for the 8 candidates of their choice and the Head Boy and Head Girl are selected from those candidates.

2024  Student Leaders
Head Girl: Ella Grace
Head Boy: Charlie Mitchell
Councillors: Ana Bosnjak

John Bron

Charlotte Carthew

Viraaj Mahajan

Tiana Nilo

Sarvesh Siva Subramanian