Little Learners

Our ‘Little Learners’ program is unlike any others!  It is a collaboration with the Child and Parent Centre – Gosnells and is a program for children who will be attending Gosnells Primary, Ashburton Drive, Huntingdale, Seaforth, St Munchin’s  and Wirrabirra Primary Schools Kindy in the following school year.  It is in between a playgroup and a Pre-Kindy and has many aspects of both.

We believe that families are an important and valued part of a child’s learning and as such, the main purposes of our ‘Little Learners’ program include:

  • To provide parent/carers with information about early years development, parenting and preparing their child for school;
  • To familiarise the children with routines and environments that are similar to what they’ll experience at school;
  • Engaging students in play-based learning experiences to enrich vocabulary and oral language, build confidence and socialisation skills and develop fine and gross motor skills.
  • To enjoy language experiences aimed at enriching vocabulary and oral language;
  • To provide opportunities for children to socialise with same-aged peers;

During each session you and your child may:


Parents are expected to stay for every session and are provided the opportunity in term 4 to information on parenting and child development information.  This will give your child an opportunity to socialise with other children without parent involvement and begin to get used to being in a school environment on their own.

If you’d like to enrol your child for ‘Little Learners’ please contact the Gosnells Child and Parent Centre on 9398 8720.