Physical Education

Physically fit and healthy children perform better at school academically, they are less likely to have behavioural issues and they have better attendance.

Health and Physical Education is uniquely positioned to provide opportunities for students to adopt Healthy eating and physical activity habits which are fundamental to good health throughout life and contribute to improved learning, concentration, better behaviour, prevention of disease and healthy growth and weight for lifelong health and wellbeing. Gosnells Primary School offers its students a programme of experiential learning, that is relevant, engaging, contemporary, inclusive, safe, physically active, enjoyable and developmentally appropriate. Integral to Health and Physical Education is the acquisition of movement skills, concepts and strategies that enable students to confidently and competently participate in a range of physical activities including organised sport. By adopting a healthy eating routine and a physically active lifestyle, participants will be afforded more opportunities to enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.

In Health and Physical Education, students develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to support them to be resilient, to develop a strong sense of self, to build and maintain satisfying relationships, to make health-enhancing decisions in relation to their health, eating habits and physical activity participation, and to develop health literacy competencies in order to enhance their own and others’ health and wellbeing.

Gosnells Primary School will provide opportunities for all of its students year K-6 to enjoy the benefit of a minimum of 2 hours of physical activity each week during the school day as part of student learning programs with the aim of extending that time to 150 minutes of quality physical education, as per the recommendation of Children’s Physical Activity Coalition (CPAC) Charter for Active Kids. In addition, teachers of K/P are encouraged to provide opportunities for their students to be physically active as much as is practicable.

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